Recordings for The Everflowing River begin!


So I just recorded a song for The Everflowing River, which marks the official start of the recordings for it! As of yet, I’m still not entirely sure how many tracks the EP will exactly have, but I have planned out 3 more tracks to go alongside the one I recorded today. And once again, it’ll be something along the lines of progressive rock.

More details will be revealed as recordings continue. I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Bye for now!

Uh… stuff.

Howdy ho!

So this post will basically be an all-around general update post, as might be implied by the title.

First of all, if you have a keen eye, you may have noticed that the site got a design update yesterday. While the color scheme remained unchanged, other aspects went through an overhaul. Most importantly, I designed a new header for the site – and it’s in the style of pixel art because, quite frankly, I’m not exactly the most competent digital artist. But eh, it serves its purpose.

Secondly, the EP I announced recently has a title now. The EP will go by the name The Everflowing River, essentially in reference to the rate at which I pump out new musical ideas. Once again, the EP will be a solo album under my own name.

And last but not least, if you see any mentions of something by the name of Abisso Oscuro in the near-ish future, it won’t be a personal project. Yes. Abisso Oscuro is a Doom community project hosted by Explosive Nachos, which is a very small Doom fan forum. I’ve designed one map for the project and am currently designing a second one – so basically I’m finally starting to branch out of personal projects.

With all that said, I’ll see you soon!

New EP announcement


Do you by any chance remember the musical dilemma I mentioned a post or two back? No? Well, either way, I decided to scratch the concept album project I mentioned. Instead, what I’m going to do is flesh out some of the musical ideas I’ve been having lately and make an EP out of them.

I’m not yet entirely sure how many songs the EP will include, but I should be able to make it at least a good 5 tracks. Now the artist name under which I’ll be working on the thing is neither The Santtu Pesonen Project nor MFG38 – I will be making the EP under my real name as a solo artist. Which should not be much of a surprise.

As for the musical direction of the EP, it’ll most likely be some sort of progressive rock. It might also include one tune that’s from the heavier end of the musical scale, but I’m not so certain about that yet.

And that concludes this post. Bye!

I’ll be at Assembly Winter 2015!


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me tweeting out about Assembly Winter 2015. If you don’t – well, chances are you didn’t see that tweet either.

Anyway, yes, I’ll be attending Assembly next weekend, from January 30th to February 1st. If you don’t know what Assembly is, it’s essentially Finland’s largest gaming-related event – and the best thing is it’s held not only once, but twice a year! It includes, for example, a dedicated BYOC area, many pro and amateur gaming tournaments and a few fun little side activities. I won’t promise I’ll be doing any sort of event coverage, but I’ll at least try and send out a tweet or two about daily happenings.

This is also the first Assembly I’m attending since 2013. I wasn’t able to attend either of the Assemblies last year because of civilian service and whatnot. Other than that, I’ve been a regular visitor at Assembly since Assembly Winter 2011.

With all that said, it’s time to conclude this post. Bye!

Having a little musical dilemma…

(This post is directly copied from The Santtu Pesonen Project’s Facebook page.)

Alright, guys, I have a slight dilemma here and I’d love to get some help from you.

It’s not a big dilemma actually, but either way, allow me to explain the situation.

So I’ve started writing new music (2 songs currently done) for another album. I’ve also been formulating a story in case it ends up becoming a concept album, and I even wrote lyrics for one of the songs. The lyrics of the song set the starting point of the story.

Now here’s where the dilemma is: since I also wrote the 5-part suite by the name “Roots” some time ago, I’ve been thinking of making the entire song into a 1-track EP. But I don’t exactly want to start working on two albums under the same name, which would be The Santtu Pesonen Project.

So what I need help with is to decide which one I should make a The Santtu Pesonen Project project. Which would you like to be seen released under this project’s name: a 1-track EP or another concept album?

Please let me know by commenting on this post. The one that gets more “votes” will be made a The Santtu Pesonen Project project, and the other one will then be entirely solo under the name Santtu Pesonen.

You know what to do.

Soulscape released!

Hello there!

With 2015 having started, I hope you had an excellent Christmas and New Year. I sure did.

Anyway, on to other things – specifically, the release of Soulscape. Yes, the fifth album by The Santtu Pesonen Project is finally out! Head on over to the address down below to retrieve your copy for free or name-your-price:

Enjoy the album and have a good weekend!

Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 2 is out!

Hello there!

It is with immense joy that I announce the release of my second MIDI music compilation, Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 2! It features 7 tracks spanning a diverse range of different musical styles and moods. For those of you who enjoyed Gallery of Harmonies: Vol. 1, I promise you that Vol. 2 will be at least equally enjoyable to you.

Anyway, here’s the link to the download page:

You can download the entire album, as well as the individual tracks, for free or a price which you get to name. If you want to get the album for free, just type “0” into the box and you’ll be taken directly to the download.

Bye for now!